Hicera Pumps - Valveless piston metering pumps



Max. discharge capacity (50/60Hz): 1400/1682 L/min

Ultra-high precision dosing

Hicera Valveless piston metering pumps Hicera Valveless piston metering pumps Hicera Valveless piston metering pumps

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Iwaki Dosing and Vacuum
Medical Pumps

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The Iwaki Hicera pump is a compact metering pump that employs a fine ceramic plunger and an optional
unique flush system. Precision micron-machining on the main ceramic parts ensures a high degree of discharge
accuracy. The versatility of the Iwaki Hicera pump makes it ideal for micro-chemical feeding as well as high
viscosity liquid feeding.
Watch Hicera Valveless piston metering pump technology Valveless Metering Pump Technology Explained
  • Improve system accuracy - Ultra-high precision dosing (± 0.5%) provides critical control of your
    chemistry at a micro-discharge capacity.

  • Pumps that last the life of your system - Our pumps deliver over 40,000 hours of repeatable
    precision and accuracy without the need for recalibration.

  • Reduce maintenance costs - A unique valveless design that eliminates clogging/jamming associated
    with other metering pumps, combined with hardened ceramic materials makes this a great solution
    for handling solids/slurries.

  • Simplify your fluid path - Compact (6" x 3" x 2") and lightweight Hicera pumps can be installed in
    both vertical and horizontal orientations. The reversible motor direction allows you to reverse your
    flow without needing to add/change the piping.

  • Ease of Integration - Hicera pumps can come equipped with; synchronous AC motors, DC motors
    and stepper motors to ensure seamless integration into your control system.

  • Perfect for tough applications - Whether you're pumping high viscosity, slurries, high purity or
    crystallizing fluids, Hicera is the one pump that can handle all these applications. Great self-priming,
    100 PSI discharge pressure and the ability to dispense into vacuum conditions from high pressure
    without using a solenoid, make this the ideal pump for aggressive applications.
Max discharge capacity
1400/1682 mL/min
Max discharge pressure
0.7 MPa (101.5 PSI)
Main materials
Alumina Ceramic, SiC, SUS 316
Required power range
6 to 40W
Liquid temperature range
32 to 248°F (0 to 120°C)
2.3 kg (5 lbs) to 8 kg (17.6 lbs)