For over 50 years, Iwaki has worked closely with our global OEM partners to develop solutions for system and pump requirements. Our expertise in pump technologies and system integration provide our OEM partners with the support, information and testing they need, whether it's starting a new OEM system development project or replacing a current pump supplier, the Iwaki OEM team members will help you find the right solutions.

Our focus is to provide prompt customer service, fast sample turnaround, rigorous quality testing, on-time production schedules and personnel trained in all aspects of pump design.

A short list of OEM applications include: liquid/gas handling and precision metering for biomedical instrumentation, laser chillers, personal body cooling and other thermal management systems, chemical dispensing and circulation in semiconductor manufacturing, coolant circulation in fuel cells, safe handling of aggressive fluids for chemical process and many other general industrial requirements.

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Magnetic Drive
Flows to 36 GPM
Direct Drive
Flows to 23.5 GPM
Air/Liquid Pumps
Flows to 110 LPM
Iwaki Air AODD

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