MDT Series - Non-metal magnetic drive turbine pumps



Max. discharge capacity (50/60Hz): 14 to 17/16 to 20 L/min

Sealless, non-metal construction

  MDT Non-metal magnetic drive turbine pumps  



Instruction Manual

Iwaki America's compact MDT design makes it ideal for OEM equipment integration.

  • Wet ends are corrosion resistant materials such as PPS, PEEK, ceramic, carbon. The MDT pump can handle various chemicals such as acid and alkaline solutions because no metal is used.

  • With high pressures up to 0.35 MPa (50.8 PSI) , the MDT can be used for negative pressure of suction side because it makes suction pressure up to 8.00 kPa (80 mbar).

  • Sealless construction prevents liquid leaks and no shaft seal replacement is required.
Max discharge capacity
14 to 17/16 to 20 L/min
Max discharge pressure
0.35 MPa (50.8 PSI)
Main materials
Suction/Discharge bore
R1/2 or 1/2NPT
Power consumption
AC100V/220V 180/220W Single phase or AC200V 180/220W 3 phase
Liquid temperature range
−20 to 95˚C (depending on liquid)