Valveless Metering Pump Technology Explained

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In this design there are no inlet or outlet valves to control the direction of flow. To achieve the ultra precise pumping action a highly polished piston and sleeve are used. The piston has a flat on the end to provide fluid displacement. As the piston is rotated across the inlet port suction is created and fluid fills the pump chamber. Continuing with its rotation the piston then moves the fluid to the outlet or discharge port.

One complete rotation equals one suction and discharge cycle. The piston can also be reciprocated to provide variable displacement during the suction and discharge strokes. By moving the pump head at different angles, the piston stroke length changes and the displaced volume varies resulting in variable outputs. There are infinite flow adjustments from 0-100% based on the pump head alignment angle. The pump design is self-priming with lifts of up to 13 ft possible. Slurries and viscous liquids can be handled and with the use of materials such as silicon carbide (SiC), teflon (PTFE) and stainless steel (SCS14) it is possible to handle a wide range of chemicals.